Office disinfection for higher employee well-being and the bottom-line


UVC disinfection applied as hygiene measures

We all wish to meet each other physically at work again, at a time when considerations about “virus load” has come to stay. It is more important than ever to ensure a high level of hygiene to avoid bacteria and viruses from spreading, thereby reducing the number of sick leave days.

But how do you create a virus-free and secure workplace again – to the benefit of both employee well-being and the bottom-line?

The answer is UVCbyEFSEN – a series of products that in all their simplicity neutralize bacteria and viruses using ultraviolet light. And that disinfects even on those surfaces where soap and sanitizers are not sufficient. When you choose UV technology, you choose a solution that allows you to safely meet at the coffee machine, return to the office desks, and once again let your creativity flourish in the meeting rooms.

We help companies effectively disinfect hotspots that many people come in contact with during a work day. We provide solutions to, among others, the Statens Serum Institut, ISS facility services and Novo Nordisk.

Advantages of UV light for disinfection


Disinfection of office hotspots


Disinfection of computers, laptops, tablets

Work bags

Disinfection of personal belongings


Disinfection of mobiles and other electronic devices

Coffee machines

Disinfection of coffee machines

Meeting rooms

Disinfection of equipment, chairs and tables


Disinfection of facilities, tables, chairs, rooms


Disinfection of door handles, stair railings


Disinfection of bathroom facilities

Surface disinfection

It is important that we can be at work without worrying about the spread of infections. And it is the task of the workplace to set out the guidelines and standards. With UV disinfection you set a new standard for cleaning the office. By choosing UVCbyEFSEN you get solutions with high functionality, designed to fit into the office landscape. Read more about our innovation for surface disinfection: UV BARx1 and UV TOWERx8

Object disinfection

It is probably a serious concern for most companies to be shut down as a hotspot for infection. Companies must therefore think about safety and security for its employees to avoid the viruses and bacteria of the future. With UV disinfection you can quickly, efficiently and without the use of chemicals "reset" the office. Read more about our innovation for objects disinfection: UV BENCH and UV WALLBOX

Air disinfection

At UVCbyEFSEN we have developed solutions that help you ensure the company's operations and employee well-being. Our knowledge has made us the preferred partners of some at Denmark's largest organizations - our products are used in public institutions as well as in private companies. Read more about our innovation in air disinfection: UV AIRx2 and UV AIR COMFORT

Avoid virus outbreaks - documented effect

Products from UVCbyEFSEN have been tested by Danish researchers from the University of Southern Denmark, with an evidence of 99.9%. Hence, you can avoid everyone’s concerns; to be named a hotspot for a disease flare-up.

The Department of Clinical Microbiology at the University of Southern Denmark in Odense has tested the effect of UV BARx1 and UV BENCH on SARS-CoV-2, also known as Covid-19. The result is more than 99.9% reduction of SARS-CoV-2 in less than 2 seconds at 10 cm distance.

UVD office

Decades of experience

UVCbyEFSEN is a Danish, family-owned engineering company with more than 35 years’ experience in the development of UV technology solutions – a chemical-free technology that in all its simplicity neutralizes bacteria and viruses by using ultraviolet light. We develop solutions for many sectors that experience increased requirements for cleaning and hygiene, and which, due to the stressed situation, do not necessarily have sufficient resources.

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