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Design-line air purifier for a cleaner working environment

The UV AIR COMFORT provides efficient air disinfection in this simple and nicely designed piece of equipment. It is ideal for any indoor settings, where clean air is a priority. The product effectively reduces the risk of airborne diseases by inactivating any virus or bacteria.

Due to its very quiet fan (35dB), this product is particularly useful in working environments such as meeting rooms, open plan offices, waiting areas at the doctor’s office, and more.

With its discreet design and low-noise operation, the UV AIR COMFORT provides optimized air circulation that uses UV light for targeted disinfection of up to 99.9% of common microorganisms such as bacteria, viruses, and molds.

Technical details for UV AIR COMFORT

  • Noise emission: 35 dB
  • Air flow rate: 115 m³/hr
  • Dimensions 60x60x10 cm, Weight 15 kg
  • Supply voltage 230 AAC, 50/60Hz
  • UV bulbs are rated up to 16.000 hours

Areas for disinfection

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