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Mounted UV air purifier

EFSEN UV AIRx2 provides air disinfection of airborne viruses in a simple and efficient piece of equipment.

The equipment is ideal for occupied rooms where reduction of airborne viruses and bacteria is desirable. It effectively reduces the spread of infection by inactivating the ability of virus and bacteria to multiply.

UV AIRx2 provides optimized air circulation within a room, with low noise operation, and includes a pair of high output germicidal UVC bulbs that disinfect without the use of chemicals.

Areas for disinfection

The equipment is easily mounted on the wall


This unit is designed for mounting directly on the wall, either vertical or horizontal suspended mounting with connection to a wall socket.

Technical details UV AIRx2

  • Dimensions 15x20x70 cm, Weight 7 kg
  • Air flow rate: 100 m³/hr
  • Supply voltage 230 AAC, 50/60Hz
  • UV bulb 2x 55W PLL germicidal shatterproof
  • UVC output approx. 18 mJ/cm2
  • UV bulb is rated up to 8.000 hours
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