We are passionate developers of UV designology -
sophisticated and well-designed disinfection solutions

Our decades of experience in UV technology has made us the preferred supplier when swift disinfection of the workplace is needed. The solutions developed by us are in use at both public and private workplaces, to the benefit of public health and everyone’s wellbeing.

The Covid-19 pandemic has taught us to live our life differently. We have learned to live in a new normal, where tests, social distancing and thorough cleaning have become our living conditions. And with new bacteria and viruses, society needs effective tools to reduce the spread of infections. Tools that we have developed through our technological experience.

A new normal

In a new global reality where a large share of the population prioritizes high hygiene levels, we offer a series of products to fight bacteria and viruses, even in environments where sanitizers and soap do not work. All solutions are developed based on our designology concept, where high technological knowledge is combined with aesthetic design. Our solutions are developed in collaboration with designers, and range from functional furniture, handheld solutions, and robots. Common to all is efficient and chemical-free disinfection, and long-lasting, sustainable products.

Specialists in UV disinfection

UVCbyEFSEN is an innovation business, based on decades of experience in developing innovative, safe and effective use of UV technology – hence, we are specialists in UV disinfection products.  You are guaranteed well-documented disinfection of the workplace when using our solutions and are in safe hands when effective products are required.


The vision for the future is to establish ourselves as a Nordic design house within UV disinfection. Designology. Manufacturers of products that are differentiated by their aesthetic and functional disinfection features. We want to be recognized as the company behind recognizable solutions within UV design that create benefits for all.

UVCbyEfsen – effective and beautiful technology for disinfection, to the benefit of society and public health.

Do you need information or assistance about your future solution? Please contact us at efsen@efsen.dk or by phone: +45 4565 0260.

sectors and applications

Our customers for UV disinfection technology can be found within a broad range of sectors, where high hygiene standards in the customers’ physical locations are essential for staff, users, and visitors

Educational Institutions

Office environments

Health & Medical

Museums & Cinemas

Fitness centers



We have a long list of customer references which have been trusting in our knowledge and excellent service technology. Below is a selection reference clients, who we have supported.

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Board of Directors

The Board of Directors at EFSEN UV & EB TECHNOLOGY covers expertise in legal,  M&A, industri specific know how as well as profesional board management.

Henrik Enegaard Skaanderup

Henrik Enegaard Skaanderup


Civil Engineer, M.Sc
Karin Efsen

Karin Efsen


Civil Engineer, M.Sc

Thomas Efsen

Thomas Efsen

Managing Director

M.Sc Applied Economics & Finance

Nicholas Lerche-Gredal

Nicholas Lerche-Gredal

Member of the board

Attorney-at-law, LL.M., HD(F)

The Fight Against Cancer

We support the fight against cancer through donation to Kræftens Bekæmpelse (The Danish Cancer Society) to support their fight against cancer.