A newly developed Desinfection robot, created to combat viruses and bacteria!

At EFSEN we are proud of the collaboration with Enabled Robotics, LT Automation and Technicon – please watch this video.

Disinfection Robot is a newly developed mobile robot, created to combat viruses and bacteria. Instead of using sanitary alcohol, the Disinfection Robot operates with a newly developed and highly effective UVC light technology. 

The highly flexible Universal Robot arm mounted on top of the unit from Mobile Industrial Robots. This enables Disinfection Robot to disinfect any horizontal, vertical or curved surface swiftly in just a few minutes.

This innovative solution can operate automatically everywhere risks are high and the consequences of contamination severe.

It can easily be used anywhere – for example in hospitals, offices, schools and supermarkets, as well at airports and hotels. It is stable, safe and has a fast return on investment.  Please contact Product Manager UVC Lars Holm if you want to know more about Desinfection Robot.

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