Fighting Covid-19 with light from the universe

“With the investment in the UV BENCH, we can disinfect our 3D-glasses, audio guides, headsets, microphones and other electronic equipment, which cannot be cleaned with standard cleaning methods. Our guests are just as excited about the UV BENCH as we are. I think partly because, a piece of furniture is such a concrete object of material. They can operate it themselves, cleaning their toys and mobile phones before they leave. Overall, the response from our guests regarding all our UV products have been good. We feel it gives them extra comfort to know that we take great responsibility in keeping a safe environment during their stay with us”, explains Mads Kring Head of Outreach and Education at Planetarium.

Copenhagen is the location of the Danish museum of astronomy, Planetarium. Its distinct architecture is quite spectacular, with a large dome at the heart of the building, the largest dome in Northern Europe! A large 360-degree screen offers a unique visual 8K experience, which immerses the audience with breathtaking shows about astronomy.

UV technology for higher safety measures against Covid-19

Cultural institutions such as Planetarium have been challenged by Covid-19 lockdowns during 2020, forcing them to rethink how to welcome guests in a safer and more secure environment for employees and guests.

UltraViolet (UV) light is a known and well-documented technology for disinfection against viruses such as Covid-19. A fact that Planetarium was aware of because of their technical and scientific expertise. Due to the Planetarium’s knowledge on UV light’s disinfection application, they researched online and found EFSEN UV & EB TECHNOLOGY.

Mads Kring, explains: “We have a lot of electronic devices that cannot be cleaned with water and soap, and also, our cinema seats cannot be cleaned with fluid sanitizers

Planetarium was therefore pleased to hear about EFSEN’s UV BARx1 and UV BENCH:

“In addition to the regular cleaning, we now use the UV BARx1 to treat cinema seats with UV light after each show. We have also included the product into the content of our guided tours, as an educational element relating to how UV light is part of the story of our universe. UV as a disinfection application was therefore an important and deliberate choice for us”, says Mads Kring.

Educational content with UV products

Astronomy and space exploration, outreach and education is the core vision at the Planetarium. With the new UV disinfection products, people now get a first-hand glimpse into a technology unknown to most people.

Looking into 2021, Planetarium plans to keep the existing routines for cleaning and disinfection:

We will most likely continue all our UV routines in 2021. Especially the UV BAR will be used as an educational piece as part of our regular tour from now on. We can only benefit from giving future generations knowledge about this specific technology.

EFSEN’s UV products are specifically designed to reduce unnecessary contamination risks in work environments and public spaces. For more information on the UV products used at the Planetarium, read more on UV BARx1 PRO here, and the opportunities for objects disinfection with UV BENCH here.