Happy New Year

At EFSEN we all want to wish you a Happy New Year and hope you are all well and healthy. Last year was a rollercoaster for everyone, us at EFSEN included. Suddenly, what we have been working with for decades, the UV technology, turned out to be relevant for everyone. UV has for many years been known to be harmful to viruses, and here we have a whole world being controlled by a threatening virus.

In the spring of 2020, we expected a downturn in business with the pandemic entering all countries. However, instead we experienced significant growth in the disinfection business UVCbyEFSEN, and furthermore our curing business has grown substantially with new UV LED lines in both printing and wood coating. Electron Beams technology has also seen great growth and new applications seems to appear with Electron Beam.

All this was only possible to achieve because of the flexibility and determination to succeed in our great team. We would happily talk about all the interesting things that happened to EFSEN in 2020, however it would be a long read – so here are a few headlines and please feel free to contacts us if any of this needs more details, or if you have projects coming up where you could see us adding value.

… Here we go:

  • UV BARx1 is worldwide and produced in hundreds

Our UV BARx1, which was developed during a weekend in March, is now produced in hundreds at a time and sold to more than 10 countries. See more at https://uvcbyefsen.com/products/uv-bar/

  • UV BENCH design furniture developed by EFSEN

We have developed a piece of design furniture together with renowned Danish industrial designer Kasper Salto. UV BENCH enables disinfection of items like tablets, laptops, keyboards, phones etc. in a stylish manner. You can read more about UV BENCH here: uvbench.com

  • We have the documentation on Covid-19 and UV for our products

We have documented the effect on SARS-CoV-2 (Covid-19) for our UV disinfection products UV BARx1 and UV BENCH at SDU (University of Southern Denmark) Viruslab, where we see at least a Log3 99.9% reduction of SARS-CoV-2 on surfaces exposed to our products for 2-10 seconds. See more here

  • The team has grown by 50% in half a year.

We have employed 6 new people within the last 6 months and more will join this year – this is a lot for a company that used to consist of 12 good people.

  • Winning new UV LED territories

We are supplying the first full UV LED line together with Hymmen Machinery for furniture producer Freda in Lithuania – a highly efficient UV LED coating line with Hymmen coaters and conveyors.

  • ICAD® Technology gains new markets

Our ICAD® Technology has over the year gained accept in the converting and narrow web industry. Furthermore our ICAD® Technology is now a solution for printers to control their lamps and do full speed real time color testing.

We look forward to 2021 and hope to be in contact with all of you, no matter which UV application suits you..

Happy and virus free New Year to all.

Thomas Efsen