Keeping visitors safe at a Copenhagen mobile test center


The current public health recommendation in Denmark is that everyone who goes to work, is tested for corona once a week. Not always an easy recommendation to abide by if the nearest test center is far away. Glostrup Kommune therefore came up with the idea to bring the test center out to employees – in collaboration with Testcenter Danmark and the Capital Region of Denmark, they have set up a mobile test center in a repurposed “party bus”.


A forward-thinking municipality in Copenhagen, Glostrup Kommune, has recently brought a mobile corona-test clinic to the streets, giving their citizens easy access to free and quick testing. With a high focus on hygiene in the unit, Glostrup Kommune uses the EFSEN’s UV BARx1-PRO for frequent disinfection of all surfaces to keep the risk of people transmitting unwanted bacteria and viruses.

Everyone is welcome, and the ambition of the initiative is to test as many as possible in the municipality. With the high flow of people in and around the test bus, the highest possible hygiene is required, and this is where UV disinfection quickly became relevant for the project team:

"We were aware of the high efficiency of UV light for disinfection and reached out to EFSEN UV & EB TECHNOLOGY for their expertise in this area. With the product UV BARx1-PRO, we make sure to go the extra mile for our citizens, by keeping all surfaces in the party bus disinfected throughout the day” says the project lead Marika Jensen.


The pandemic forces everyone to think differently and to adjust, now that almost everything is standing still. Creating a repurposed party for all citizens brings out a smile when people are tested, and we need that at the moment. In its innovative nature, the use of UV light for disinfection is a great match. The UV BARx1-PRO is used to provide an additional level of safety to visiting people in Glostrup Kommune, as the party bus continues its service for all those that need their weekly corona test.  

The product UV BARx1-PRO is a handheld UVC product with two UV bulbs, neutralizing all common bacteria and viruses in a matter of seconds. It is designed specifically for time critical sectors and has significant higher power compared to the similar product, the UV BARx1.