How we have supported Lyngby Boldklub with UVC light for disinfecting training facilities

We are always pleased when customers and partners tell our great success stories. One of our customers is Lyngby Boldklub, which now uses UV BARx1 to disinfect their training facilities.

When the corona-virus lockdown started, all employees at EFSEN had to go down in work hours. But in March, we at EFSEN were contacted by a large Danish international company whether we could supply a UV lamp to disinfect between the Corona tests they should do for the Danish Government. It is well-known technology that the invisible UV light has a disinfecting effect on bacteria and viruses. We had all the necessary skills in our toolbox and got the idea for the smart little handheld UV lamp – UV BARx1. Places that many people often touch during the day, e.g. Fitness facilities, keyboards, coffee machines are one of the primary sources of spreading viruses and bacteria. Our handheld UV lamp effectively reduces the spread by inactivating the virus and bacteria’s ability to multiply. UV light can therefore be used on surfaces where cleaning and dispensing can be difficult – or where alcohol has a devastating effect on materials. Due to the high demand, we are happy to be back with all EFSEN employees at work, and we have had to hire extra staff.

See our story in the video below (in Danish).