The benefits of UV solutions in the hotel sector


Like all other hotels and conference venues, Comwell Holte has felt the impacts of the Covid pandemic. A high demand for effective infection control has evolved, since hotels work in an environment with multiple guest touchpoints. Comwell Holte have scrutinized the entire guest journey to ensure a minimum risk of infections, and high security for both guests and employees.

"Identifying touch-points, and thinking through how we keep those clean, has been a challenge. We have a number of upholstered furniture and leather chairs in the restaurant that do not tolerate liquid sanitizers, also meaning an increased cost of replacement/maintenance. In addition, we have worked to find the right level of cleaning procedures. We have looked closely at all our processes to ensure that everything is clean for the health of both our guests and our employees. It is absolutely crucial that we create that safety for our guests“, says Hotel Managing Director Hanne Glibstrup Andersen at Comwell Holte.


Before the hotel sector reopened after the latest lockdown, Comwell Holte was introduced to EFSEN’s UV solutions and volunteered to test the various solutions. UV disinfection could play an important role in meeting the expectations from guests and colleagues in a safe way. Comwell was introduced to the UV BAR that can be used for surface disinfection of all hotspots – and especially in areas where many people typically pass. In addition, the UV BENCH was placed in the reception. UV BENCH is a piece of design furniture that can disinfect objects in a smart and aesthetic way. Fast, secure and efficient.

"We were incredibly excited when we heard about UV technology’s potential to remove bacteria and viruses on all kinds of surfaces. Our guests have also received the UV BENCH with great interest. It is placed in our reception area, where guests disinfect their personal belongings when they arrive, and they find it very interesting“, says Hanne Glibstrup Andersen. She further explains that the UV BENCH is frequently used for key cards and pens in connection with staff shifts at the reception. The disinfection has reduced the time spent between staff shifts, allowing colleagues to quickly and safely replace each other.


The reality today is that guests and organizations have become much more aware of hygiene, and there is no doubt that an increased focus on hygiene and cleaning in hotels becomes more important now and in the future. Many of the infection control measures we already know from our everyday life with Covid have come to stay. Arguably much more so for the hotel and meeting sector, where many people meet outside their own organizations.

"It is always our guests’ preferences and requirements for e.g. individually prepared food or demands for increased cleaning and disinfection, which is our first priority moving forward. The increased focus on hygiene also means fewer sick leave days among our employees, which is a great add-on for the increased hygiene measures. We think it is an exciting opportunity to be first mover in applying a technology that can help an industry particularly impacted by the Covid pandemic, and an industry that cannot withstand more lockdowns due to the spread of an infection“, concludes Hanne Glibstrup Andersen.