Happy New Year At EFSEN we all want to wish you a Happy New Year and hope you are all […]


Scientific institute documents the effect on SARS-CoV-2 for EFSEN’s UV disinfection products! DOCUMENTATION: EFSEN UV products neutralizes in a few […]


Fighting Covid-19 with light from the universe “With the investment in the UV BENCH, we can disinfect our 3D-glasses, audio […]

UVC robot

A newly developed Desinfection robot, created to combat viruses and bacteria! At EFSEN we are proud of the collaboration with […]

”It seems that Covid-19 stays up to 28 days on a surface – UV can prevent that!”​ The second wave […]

UV light for disinfection_Lyngby Boldklub_UV BARx1_EFSEN

How we have supported Lyngby Boldklub with UVC light for disinfecting training facilities We are always pleased when customers and […]

UV light for disinfection_UV BARx1_EFSEN

The effect of EFSENs UV BARx1 proven by new research establishing the UVC dose required for disinfection of SARS CoV-2 […]

UV light in Cinema_EFSEN UV BARx1

Cinema Viften in Rødovre uses EFSENs UV BARx1 in addition to regular cleaning Cultural institutions are badly affected by the […]

UVC light for disinfection_Dental Clinic_Amager Tandplejecenter

Amager Tandplejecenter uses UV light in addition to regular cleaning UV light disinfects surfaces that can reduce the spread of […]