Danish invention will get rid of dirty air in class- and conference rooms

COVID-19 has made us all realize how bad air quality creates the perfect conditions for virus and bacteria. As winter approaches and we begin to gather indoors again, UVCbyEFSEN and designer Kasper Salto now launch a new air purifier that increases air quality. 

During the cold winter months, when we all gather indoors in larger crowds, the air quality is under further pressure due to poor or limited access to ventilation in many facilities. Classrooms, waiting rooms and conference rooms will therefore soon create the perfect conditions for COVID-19 and seasonal virus and bacteria.

In collaboration with Kasper Salto, UVCbyEFSEN now launch a new air purifier named UV AIR. The duo has already had a massive success with UV BENCH – an award-winning disinfection bench, that quickly became popular among kindergartens, special schools, and nursing homes.

Thomas Efsen, the director at UVCbyEFSEN, hopes that UV AIR will get the same attention:

“There has been great interest in our collaboration to combine UV technology and Danish design, as we did with UV BENCH. It has therefore been natural for us to look into other areas where we combine UV light with design,” and he continues:

“There are plenty of air purifiers on the market. But neither of them has Kasper’s eye for design or uses our technology. In addition to that, we have managed to create a quiet purifier. So once again, we have succeeded in uniting our skills. We all need to consider the indoor climate, and UV AIR will fit into all institutions with its elegant design”.

The UV AIR is designed with ultraviolet lighting to clear the air – a tool hospitals have used for many years as a way of disinfecting and getting rid of viruses and bacteria. The ultraviolet light minimizes the need for maintenance significantly.

The first air purifier with an elegant design

The market for air purifiers is large, however no purifier has been elegant to look at until now. Therefore, Kasper Salto is thrilled to collaborate with UVCbyEFSEN:

“UV AIR can clean a large amount of air discreetly when we are gathered in large groups. The calm shapes fit into many types of interior designs, together with the rest of the UV-series. I’m proud of the result because it aligns with a design aspect. UV AIR is intended to work effectively yet silently and discreetly in any given environment,” Kasper Salto says. Among other things, Kasper is known for his award-winning furniture and interior design solutions produced in collaboration with some of the world’s most famous designers.

About UV AIR

UV AIR is made from a steel construction and mounted with surfaces in CO2-neutral linoleum. The material makes the UV AIR a robust yet subtle product, which aligns with UVCbyEFSEN’s idea that their products shouldn’t steal focus from the interior in a room, but rather blend in. UV AIR is tested by the Technological Institute in Aarhus and can clean air effectively with a ventilation capacity of 150 m³/hour.

For more information: Please contact Thomas Efsen, Managing Director (Email: Thomas@efsen.dk) (mobile: +45 26 71 00 50) or UVCbyEFSEN +45 4565 0260

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