Efficient UV device for room disinfection

UV TOWER is a powerful, operator-safe, and easy-to-use mobile disinfection device for small to medium sized rooms. It can be used in areas such as hotel rooms, meetings rooms, offices, clinics, and bathrooms.

The eight powerful UVC lamps together with the unique reflective material design, enables fast and thorough disinfection in all directions. Position of lamps is optimized to cover as much of top and bottom of table surfaces.

Operation is simple – set the timer and turn on the lamps with a single button. Lamps will turn on after 30 seconds and a sound will beep until the set exposure time is over – this way operators knows that light is on, even if they can’t see into the room. A 360-degree dual sensor ensures operator safety, hence lamps will turn of if movement in the room is detected.

Using UV TOWER reduces the bioburden by inactivating bacteria and virus. They cannot reproduce themselves or infect humans thus the decrease in bioload.


Areas for disinfection


UVC light is harmful to eyes and skin, and work near UVC requires full body protection as well as glasses and face shields must always be worn. The UV TOWER is designed to work in non-moving areas and has a delayed ignition, allowing operators to exit the room before ignition. Instructions must be understood and followed by operators.