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The best solutions in UV technology

Keep your organization safe and free from bacteria and other unwelcome viruses. At UVCbyEFSEN, we use UVC lamps in all our disinfection solutions, which can help with thorough disinfection and cleaning.

The need to further secure one’s surroundings after Covid-19 has increased significantly, especially among vulnerable people, but also kindergartens, schools and companies have adopted our solutions. That is why we are happy to be able to offer you everything from hand-held, but also larger mobile units with UV lamps.

UVC lampe

Handheld UVC lamp - UV BAR

This easy and effective solution for cleaning surfaces is equipped with a powerful UVC lamp, which is used in all our professional disinfection units. The lamp provides a constant output throughout its lifetime, and therefore provides maximum effect. If you buy a UV BAR, this also includes a safety visor, a pair of gloves, and a safety manual as well as a video guide. By doing this, we ensure that everyone handles the products correctly.

Please note that if you need to replace the UVC bulb in the UV BAR and or one of our other products, UVCbyEFSEN 60W UVC lamps must always be used. This is the correct type.

Design furniture with UVC lamps created with the future in mind

It was during the corona pandemic that the idea to cover a new need came too mind. Here we designed and developed a piece of furniture that combines aesthetic design with functionality in a different and exciting way. The result was UV BENCH, a bench with built-in UVC lamps, which disinfects all objects in a safe, fast and sustainable way. And in this way the infection is reduced. Later, UV WALLBOX and UV AIR followed, all units that use UVC lamps and created with consideration for the future’s increased needs in hygiene, a trend that also echoes in other industries and which helps to form the framework for our new everyday life post-Corona


Powerfull mobile UVC lamp - UV TOWER

Achieve effective disinfection with simple use of the extremely powerful UVC lamp in the UV TOWER. Set the timer and press the button. After 30 seconds, the UV TOWER starts and begins the disinfection for the desired time interval. Disinfect meeting rooms, hotel rooms, nursing home rooms or other desired spaces with high efficiency. Based on the smart design, it is easy to replace the lamp in the UV TOWER. However, it is always recommended to look through the enclosed manual thoroughly so that the replacement of the UVC lamp is carried out correctly. 

Please note, the correct bulb for UV TOWER and all our other products is UVCbyEFSEN 75W. Always use the correct bulb to avoid damage. Read more here.

What people say? We are always pleased when customers and partners trust on our knowledge and excellent service in UVC technology.

With this disinfection solution by EFSEN, we have been able to keep our flexibility as a company, as we do not have to close areas to avoid the spread of bacteria and viruses.
We see a clear advantage in continuing with the use of UV technology, as the solution also reduces other viruses and bacteria, and may therefore lead to a lowering of the general sickleave.

Please do not hesitate to contact us with your challenges regarding hygiene, and we will help you find the best solutions to solve your needs.