Why choose UV disinfection?

UV Technology for disinfection – neutralizing virus, bacteria and other microbes.

UV disinfection

UV disinfection has significant advantages compared to more conventional methods.

UV disinfection

Quick and efficient

UV light neutralizes more than 99% of bacteria and viruses in a matter of seconds, saving time in the daily cleaning processes.

Works on all types of surfaces and air

UV light efficiently disinfects electronic equipment, leather, wood, and textiles. Materials that are difficult to disinfect with more conventional methods. UV light can improve air quality by disinfection of microorganisms and airborne particles containing virus.

Gentle disinfection

UV light is a chemical-free solution and has significant effects on materials and air. It is a ideal technology for surfaces or places that cannot be cleaned with conventional chemical cleaning.

Who can benefit from UV disinfection?

All spaces and places where many people gather together and use / touch many effects. Also rooms where air ventilation / cirkulation is poor or not possible can benefit from using UV for disinfection.

With UV light, you can create security and well-being as well as save significant time on cleaning.

UV technology also helps to keep the cost of daily cleaning down and helps to free up resources for the core tasks in the field of welfare for the benefit of society and public health.

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UV light can quickly and efficiently “reset” your facilities without the use of chemicals – and without wearing down furniture and staff.

UV technology reduces the spread of infection in the restaurant, meeting rooms, reception and in hotel rooms and is fast, safe, economical and easy to use.

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With UV light, you get a unique tool in the fight against bacteria and viruses that helps to increase hygiene.

With UV disinfection, you could have more employees and visitors in the office, as well as reduce sick leave absence in the long term.

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With UV technology, we help professional cleaning companies with the latest cleaning technology, providing the most in-depth and effective solutions to disinfect and clean.

We call it the future cleaning mix.

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