Create a safe environment for all with an elegant wall module

UV WALLBOX is a functional piece of furniture, designed to disinfect all types of objects –
even those where alcohol and soap are inadequate. In a time with a strong focus on the spread and control of infections, the wall module is an effective tool for ensuring high hygiene levels.

The product is developed by renowned Danish designer Kasper Salto, who together with EFSEN, experts in UV technology, have devised a solution that combines the best of two worlds.

The result is UV WALLBOX, which utilizes chemicalfree technology that, in all its simplicity, neutralizes bacteria and viruses through ultraviolet light. A unique combination of reflective materials and correctly placed UV lamps, provides a 360-degree disinfection of objects such as laptops, toys, teaching materials, and office equipment, in just 10 seconds.

Design & Function

With its contemporary and simple design, UV WALLBOX is ideal for offices, hotels,
educational institutions etc. And it is a decorative and long-lasting investment that
can be used to fight common diseases such as colds and flus, or simply used as a storage

Technical specifications

  • 230 VAC
  • Power consumption 120W
  • The UV bulbs have a guaranteed 8,000 hours life
  • Safety sensor ensures automatic shut-off when the box is opened
  • Height: 40 cm, Width: 49 cm, Depth: 39 cm, Weight: 15 kg

Areas for disinfection