How to solve a workflow challenge posed by the risk of infection?


Saint-Gobain ISOVER‘s factory in Vamdrup is one of the world’s leading glass wool manufacturers. With the Covid outbreak, the company was severely challenged on the handling of delivery notes, which is an important business process. The threat of spreading infections was a reality and a challenge that Saint-Gobain ISOVER had to solve quickly.

“A delivery note may have been touched by many hands in its journey. Delivery notes therefore pose an increased risk, when handling deliveries from freight forwarders who arrive at terminals alongside many other drivers. We therefore needed to find an efficient and safe solution to this problem,” says Rene Bülow, Production Manager On-line.


After a thorough analysis of the journey of the delivery notes from person to person, a solution had to be found where neither water, soap or sanitizers were an option. The delivery notes do not withstand this kind of cleaning and disinfection.

“We found that UV technology had to be the right solution. We then contacted UVCbyEFSEN, who had an ideal product for the challenge. But to ensure that we could work while the UV lamp was on, we had to invent our own special solution. We chose to build the UV lamp into a box, so that the distance to the UV light was secured. And in just 10 seconds we could disinfect all delivery notes. We have also invested in a UV lamp for our common area and control room. For us it was important that it is easy to handle, safe and fast. Otherwise, it would not be used. Since the use of UV, we have not experienced infection chains at the company,” adds Rene Bülow.


Saint-Gobain ISOVER has chosen to share their knowledge and experience with UV technology with other factories in the group. The aspiration is that more people can learn from the experience and benefit from the technology and innovative invention.

“We see a clear advantage in continuing with the use of UV technology, as the solution also reduces other viruses and bacteria, and may therefore lead to the lowering of sick leave days for our employees,” concludes Rene Bülow.