The accolades continue for engineering company’s UV designs

The duo UVCbyEFSEN and star designer Kasper Salto have once again succeeded in getting attention for their newest health-tech product UV AIR at the German Design Award 2023. This time it is their latest innovation, an air disinfection unit. UV AIR cleans the air from viruses in classrooms and companies, and has won the award in the category “Excellent Product Design – Household”, at the prestigious design festival.

“We have undoubtedly hit a trend in the market of technology solutions that take future infection challenges into account. Covid made us aware that poor air quality creates the perfect conditions for infections through the air. It is therefore hugely gratifying that our collaboration has been honored once again. It has always been our goal to create unique disinfection products that combine aesthetics and functionality – a concept we call “Designology”. And with UV AIR, we are also part of a highly relevant debate about indoor climate, which is especially challenging in the cold winter months, where we stay indoors most of the time”, says Thomas Efsen, director at UVCbyEFSEN.

Products that stand out

There has been great interest in the two partners’ products since their first collaboration on the creation of UV BENCH during the pandemic, which showed the world a new way of thinking about the Danish design tradition. Nurseries, health centers and private companies have welcomed the beautiful health-tech solutions. The duo is not concerned that their collaboration will fade, and that their products will have a hard time in a market with high competition. “Our products stand out from the crowd. They fulfill a need for increased hygiene, but also provide a long-term investment in a timeless design, which creates a unique balance. There are no other products that offer that”; says Thomas Efsen.

“UV AIR is a discreet device that manages to clean the air from viruses in rooms, where many people are present. Its rounded shapes fit into many types of decors, in the same way as the rest of the products in the series. I am once again incredibly proud of the result, which in terms of design, fits together beautifully. UV AIR emphasizes that it is designed to work quietly and in a discreet way, in any given environment”, concludes Kasper Salto, who is known for this many furniture designs, and among other things as a judge from the Danish television program ‘Denmark’s next classic’.

About UV AIR

UV AIR is made in a steel construction, fitted with linoleum surfaces that are antistatic and bacteria-repellent, which means that dust and dirt accumulation is avoided. It effectively cleans the air from viruses with a ventilation capacity of 150 m³/hour. UV AIR has been tested by the Technological Institute in Aarhus with the following result.

For more information: Please contact Thomas Efsen, Managing Director (Email: Thomas@efsen.dk) (mobile: +45 26 71 00 50) or UVCbyEFSEN +45 4565 0260

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