The importance of UV disinfection in a manufacturing business


At Paul E. Danchell, one of Scandinavia’s leading Electronics manufacturers, they were faced with a production decline due to Covid-19 pandemic. Since the electronics manufacturing market is characterized by a highly competitive playing field, companies cannot afford to decrease production. If a company cannot deliver on time, competitors will simply take over. Danchell therefore had to find a solution to keep production running, whilst keeping their colleagues healthy and safe at the same time. With a production site at 3,500 m2, and more than 50 people on site, Danchell needed frequent disinfection of all surfaces in hotspot areas of their production during the workday.


“One of our colleagues knew the benefits of UV light for disinfection, and we therefore reached out to UVCbyEFSEN. We quickly felt that UVCbyEFSEN understood our challenges, and gave us a thorough understanding on how their UV BAR product could help us. The knowledge of how UV light can neutralize even problematic viruses like Covid-19 gave everyone the necessary confidence that it created a safer work environment, knowing that we keep the highest level of disinfection standards at our facilities, with multiple daily uses of the product”, says Chief Operating Officer Søren Sandersen.

We have hired a dedicated person to cover the site, making sure that surfaces on all areas that are touched by many people, are frequently disinfected. When you have many areas and objects that need to be disinfected, we have found that the UV BAR is by far the fastest solution in the market for us, compared to other technologies, and effective even in places we cannot reach with conventional, chemical disinfection. It may sound like a hassle, but it is not. It is just like the routine of washing your hands and using sanitizer”, Technical Director Stefan Danchell explains. Apart from the production equipment, the canteen, bathrooms, and coffee break-out areas are cleaned with the UV BAR, up to six times a day.


With this disinfection (UV BAR) solution by UVCbyEFSEN, we have been able to keep our flexibility as a company, as we do not have to close areas to avoid the spread of bacteria and viruses. We even have a backup UV BAR, if anything should happen to the one in use. Even with the upcoming vaccine and potential less spread of Covid-19, we will probably continue the use of this solution, as we still wish to avoid unnecessary spreads from common colds, the seasonal flu, and keep a safe environment for all our colleagues”, Stefan Danchell ends.