Innovative Design by PhoneAlone Ensuring Patients' Health


In the future workplace, it is vital to create a healthy environment. People are easily concerned about their health when they are indoors among many other people. This is one of the effects of the past few years’ pandemic. The Danish Rehabilitation Centre for Neuromuscular Diseases (RCFM) has a large open plan office, which presents challenges when having difficult conversations with patients and relatives. They therefore invested in PhoneAlone phone and meeting booths that provide an undisturbed, quiet space. It was important for them to ensure the health of their patients in the booths, where the easy spread of infections is equal to an increased health risk.


We need to make society more resilient to communicable diseases. Especially for protecting the most vulnerable population groups. And here PhoneAlone is innovative, designing their phone and meeting booths with UltraViolet (UV) light that quickly disinfects surfaces and the air. In collaboration with engineering company UVCbyEFSEN, RCFM was offered telephone and meeting booths with disinfectant functionality. Pernille, a physiotherapist at RCFM says; “Especially the function with UV light was very attractive to us, as many vulnerable patients come to us. And we need to maintain a high level of hygiene to minimize the risk of infections as much as possible”. The use of UV light for disinfection is nothing new. It has been used in the hospital sector and the pharmaceutical industry for decades. The new thinking is the integration of UV-light in workspace design, to create a safe environment for everyone.


We are in a process of rethinking the way that we design buildings and public spaces. Technologies such as UV-light are smart solutions, especially when integrating them into existing products such as PhoneAlone‘s phone and meeting booths. It creates better hygiene levels, and increased security for employees and visitors. As Pernille explains; “Now we can benefit from focused conversations with colleagues, and find peace and safety for difficult patient conversations, without being disturbed”. PhoneAlone and UVCbyEFSEN collaborate on the solution that combines furniture design with anti-infection technology – a brilliant example of safe workplace design.