International attention for virus-killing UV BENCH - wins prestigious design award

The international audience has now also caught the eye of the virus-killing design bench, which is the result of the collaboration between furniture designer Kasper Salto, also known from the Danish television program “Denmark’s next classic”, and the engineering company UVCbyEFSEN. The functional yet decorative UV BENCH has won no less than two awards at this year’s DNA Paris Design Awards 2022. Each year, the Paris Design Awards honor the best designs from around the world in architecture, interior design, landscape design, graphic design, and product design. UV BENCH has been praised in the categories “Responsible Design” and “Design for people”. And it is not the first time that this innovative and aesthetic design furniture has won a design award. Last year, it was awarded two awards at Denmark’s most recognized home and design magazine’s Design Award.

“To receive two awards from a jury consisting of some of Europe’s leading design experts is a great recognition of our work. And it is wonderful that other countries notice our way of rethinking the Danish furniture design tradition. Our aim to create unique product solutions that combine aesthetics with functional disinfection, is a concept we call “Designology”. There is no doubt that we have created something unique that taps into a trend of welfare technology solutions that take future infection challenges into account”, says furniture designer Kasper Salto.

Design furniture created with the future in mind

It was during the Covid pandemic that Salto and UVCbyEFSEN got the idea. They designed and developed a furniture piece that combines aesthetic design with functionality, in a different and exciting way. The result was the UV BENCH, which is a bench with built-in UV light that disinfects all objects in a safe, fast, and sustainable way. And in this way, infections are reduced. UV BENCH has been created with consideration for the future’s increased needs within hygiene, a trend that also resonates in other industries and which can help form the framework for a new everyday life post-Corona.

A safe environment with UV BENCH

“We are naturally very excited that our functional and innovative design collaboration receives positive recognition outside Denmark’s borders. It also shows us that with post-Covid, we have a new normal, where the prioritization of hygiene outside the healthcare sector has become part of people’s consciousness. Products like UV BENCH can help create a safe environment, in a future where we still must deal with increased hygiene and cleaning – and it’s nice to have something pleasant to look at”, continues Thomas Efsen from UVCbyEFSEN in Holte.

The UV BENCH was launched back in September 2020 and has used by a large number of municipalities, institutions, companies, hotels, and museums. The unique collaboration continues with new product launches this autumn, and the vision for the future is to establish a Nordic design house within UV disinfection.


For more information: Please contact Thomas Efsen, Managing Director (Email: Thomas@efsen.dk) (mobile: +45 26 71 00 50) or UVCbyEFSEN +45 4565 0260

Read more about UV BENCH here www.uvbench.com

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