Keeping Covid at bay during the 2021 Democratic Festival “Folkemødet”


Every summer, politicians, grassroots, business and cultural organizations, and thousands of citizens gather on Bornholm for the annual democratic festival; Folkemødet.

The 2021 edition was severely challenged by Covid restrictions, but the organizers were determined to complete the event, and welcome its many guests. Covid should not prevent the democratic conversation. Director of Folkemødet, Camilla Laudrup, explains: “The festival is an important democratic event where we cultivate the democratic conversation and the community. As organizers, we were determined to find the right technologies that enabled us to complete the event with high hygiene standards and health & safety in focus”.


During the preparations, the organizers were introduced to UVCbyEFSEN’s solutions within UV disinfection. A technology that disinfects in seconds, without wearing down furniture or employees, and it was quickly decided to implement the solutions.

UV BENCH was placed on the stages of the festival. The product was used for swift disinfection of headsets and microphones between each speaker. With its elegant design, the bench appeared as a natural element on the beautiful scenes. The solution for cleaning the chairs for the many guests was the UV BAR, the handheld UV device. During the session breaks, all chairs across 11 stages were disinfected, and the multiple surface hotspots were therefore reset, for the benefit of people’s safety.


UV disinfection helped ensure a successful democratic festival that fulfilled all covid restrictions. And both guests, speakers and politicians welcomed the initiative. Receiving its disinfected headset directly from a UV BENCH provides reassurance, and the technology was even noticed by EU Commissioner Margrethe Vestager, who tweeted about the products during her visit. The guests’ health & safety was secured with UV BAR throughout the event’s three days. It provided a peace of mind among guests, allowing them to be inspired by the many speakers, as well as dialogues between politicians and citizens.

“The use of UV disinfection made it easy for us as organizers of a large event with a focus on health & safety, to complete an efficient and safe festival. It was easy, fast, and efficient to operate, and we have been very happy with the collaboration with UVCbyEFSEN. A clear recommendation from us as organizers”, Camilla Laudrup concludes.