Safety and well-being at Centre for Child and Adolescent Psychiatry - now and in the future


When the corona pandemic hit Denmark, it heavily affected a Child and Adolescent Psychiatry center in Copenhagen. The Center and staff were forced to decrease the number of visitors, and completely change the procedure on how the daily, important consultations with patients were conducted.

Our ability to have several patients daily, without the risk of passing on infections, was suddenly unrealistic. In some patient test-evaluations, the children need to draw, put together puzzles, or include other toys. Now this was suddenly not possible. Also, instruments such as blood pressure monitors are difficult to keep clean, as parts of them are fabric and velcro. Hence, we could no longer use all these items without substantial and time-consuming cleaning procedures” says a doctor in the Child and Adolescent Psychiatry center.


After noticing the specially designed disinfection bench, UV BENCH, mentioned in the media, the leading staff at the center saw a clear opportunity to solve their daily challenges. Efficient, safe, and easy to use.

We chose the UV BENCH to save time and money, and because it functions on instruments and toys where liquid disinfection is not possible. We also liked that the bench looks beautiful while being functional, and that it can be included in most rooms without taking too much attention. At the same time, in just 10 seconds we can neutralize bacteria and viruses on items that we cannot otherwise disinfect, and which are indispensable in our daily work. The young people are also content that they can continue the use of their phones in the clinic, without making everyone concerned about the risk of infections. We have also allowed our patients to bring toys or teddy bears again, which is an important factor in creating a safe space for them”, says the doctor staff.

Now the Center experiences a sense of high security in their everyday life, as bacteria have been neutralised from items. New routines have been added, such as blood pressure monitors and stethoscopes being disinfected in the UV BENCH after use, just as toys and drawing tools are disinfected for immediate use by other children.


The Center for Child and Adolescent Psychiatry has been so pleased with the UV BENCH, and the positive responses from the patients, that they wish to share their experiences with similar institutions having the same challenges.

Our daily work routines are almost back at pre-Covid-19 level. We have time for all our work tasks without having to run faster than what is possible, planning when patients can visit, and without considering whether the instruments and toys have been used in the past 48 hours or not”, says the doctor.

The Centre will continuously have a need for high hygiene standards, as many children who visit will not be vaccinated in the foreseeable future. In addition, the UV BENCH can also be used in the future to avoid other infections such as colds, common flu, and other diseases.