Save time and get better hygiene with minimal resources -
Rudersdal Municipality


The recent years’ pandemic has raised hygiene requirements for daycare services in the Danish municipalities. Now, more resources are spent on cleaning toys and other work items. Especially in periods with high spread of infection, the increased hygiene requirements present a great challenge in delivering the core service. That means fewer resources and less time for the children, as time is spent cleaning.

Like many other municipalities, Rudersdal researched how health technology can help create a safer atmosphere for children and employees. The challenge for daycares is that keeping hygiene high removes resources from the children in an already busy workday.


We live in a time where the concept “spread of infection” is on everyone’s mind. It is therefore important to ensure an increased level of hygiene in daycares. And the daycare area was particularly challenged by Covid. Perhaps the hardest of all professions. Hence, Rudersdal wanted to invest in equipment to keep down the spread of infection.

After researching the market for effective, disinfectant solutions, UV BENCH from UVCbyEFSEN was selected. They chose UV light, which quickly and effectively disinfects toys, and other items in the  daycares. With this purchase, Rudersdal has turned increased hygiene requirements into something positive, as it requires minimal resource from employees, thereby freeing up time for the children.

Rudersdal has invested in a larger number of UV BENCH. With these, the daycare facilities now have an effective tool for maintaining the desired level of hygiene. Besides, UV BENCH is a beautiful piece of furniture, nice to look at, and does not take up unnecessary space.


Everyone has an interest in doing the best to keep our children safe and healthy, as well as reducing the risk of infection among colleagues in our daycares. With UV BENCH, Rudersdal Municipality has taken an effective tool into use.

The manager in one of the municipality’s daycares says, “It is amazingly effective to use UV BENCH to create a safe environment. We recently had an outbreak of rotavirus, which remained very small, because we use UV BENCH to keep toys and work items ‘free’ of viruses. We certainly also think that it has a positive effect on sick leave absence in general, and we have high expectations for keeping future outbreaks of infection at a minimum, when we use the UV BENCH”.