UV disinfection increases citizen wellbeing in Vejle Municipality


There is strong evidence that high hygiene creates a sense of security for citizens and employees in the country’s municipalities. And since the Covid outbreak, there has been extra focus on cleaning, and on using welfare technologies to create the optimal conditions.

However, many objects and equipment are difficult to clean in the traditional manner, due to the size or material. Here, Vejle Municipality was searching for an effective solution. As Anne Dunker, welfare- technology consultant in Vejle Municipality, explains: “Cleaning solutions were needed to simplify cleaning and disinfection workflows. Solutions where disinfection could be done without taking time away from the citizens in our welfare area”.


The welfare technology consultants in Vejle Municipality were familiar with UV technology. It has for many years been essential in e.g., the hospital sector’s cleaning procedures. Therefore, a collaboration was set up with UVCbyEFSEN to test their UV solutions in the welfare area; Senior, Disability, and Psychiatric units.

The test proved that UV technology is fast and efficient. And that it can be used on all types of surfaces, for the benefit of citizens’ safety and health. As a result of the successful test, the municipality implemented the technology at five locations. UV BAR, UV TOWER, and UV BENCH are now used daily to maintain high hygiene levels.


In conjunction with other welfare technologies that have been implemented, UV disinfection provides a crucial advantage, by preventing spreads of infectious diseases. Completely without wearing down on neither equipment nor staff. All products from UVCbyEFSEN thus help to improve citizens’ well-being and free up resources for the core job in the welfare area.

The feedback is positive from users at the municipality’s welfare centers. Anne Dunker explain that; “users and managers at our centers see clear benefits from UV disinfection. It is a welfare technology that easily and quickly contributes to a better and healthier working environment”.

“And especially the UV BENCH is very well received, with its beautiful aesthetic design and many applications”, Anne Dunker concludes.