VIDEO​: Safety Instruction & User Guide

Please read the Safety & User Manual and watch the video below.

When ordering UV BARX1 from EFSEN, the following safety equipment is included:

Protect yourself when using UVC

Skin and eyes must be absolutely protected from artificial UV sources. UVC-light is harmful to skin and eyes, so protective equipment such as glasses/face shield, gloves and clothing that does not expose skin should be used.
Under no circumstances should UVC-light be used to clean living tissue!

Always make sure you and other humans and animals nearby are protected from UVC-light

Never face the light towards yourself or another humans and animals, and always wear protective equipment. The equipment is safe to use if the eyes and skin are protected from the UV-light. No one should look directly at the lamp, even using protective gear. Place the UVC-lamp vertically and away from you and anybody else. 10 m safety distance is recommended for persons and animals without protective equipment in the same room. Check your surroundings to make sure no humans and animals are nearby and that no one will interrupt you during the cleaning process. Also, be wary of any reflective surface.



Please note! In the video we show version 1 of UV BARx1. We are currently working on updating the video guide with UV BARx1 version 2. Bemærk i denne video vises version 1. Afvigelser i forhold til version 2 vil blive angivet i videoen.

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