Fast, effective, safe and chemical free

UV Technology has for decades been used with the purpose of disinfecting rooms, surfaces, materials, and air in the health care sector due to its efficiency against virus and bacteria.

Our mission is to bring the benefits of UV technology to the society, were more and more focus and activities towards fighting virus and bacteria is coming.

We do this by creating products with high efficiency and safety in mind, but also making them available in solution that one wishes to show off and bring forward.

We call it “Designology”.  


Surface Disinfection

In offices, educational institutions and public spaces, multiple individuals touch surface “hot spots” each day, such as door handles, desk spaces, and kitchen facilities. Our products create safer environments by efficient disinfection of these high-risk surfaces. Read more about our innovations for surface disinfection: UV BARx1 and UV TOWERx8


Object Disinfection

Personal belongings, electronic equipment, as well as children’s toys and sports equipment, have the potential to carry unwanted bacteria and virus. Our product for object disinfection is designed to remove this bioburden instantly. Read more about our innovation for object disinfection: UV BENCH and UV WALLBOX


Air Disinfection

Frequently occupied rooms such as meeting rooms, elevators, and medical clinics, must have a focus on the reduction of airborne viruses and bacteria. Our product creates an environment where the air is safe to breath. Read more about our innovation for air disinfection: UV AIR COMFORT and UV AIRx2


Handheld UV device for surface disinfection

UV BAR is designed for disinfection of hotspot areas for bacteria and virus.

The use of UV BAR improves the quality of the cleaning, which can provide a safer, cleaner and healthier enviroment.

Handles, keyboards, copiers, coffee machines, handrails on stairs, etc. are places that many people often touch during the day and can therefore be one of the primary sources of virus and bacterial transmission. In addition to regular cleaning where dirt and dust is removed, the UV BAR is designed to disinfect surfaces, corners and cracks where cleaning, and dispensing is difficult.


Efficient UV device for room disinfection

UV TOWER is a powerful, operator-safe, and easy-to-use mobile disinfection device for small to medium sized rooms. 

It can be used in small and large areas such as hotel rooms, meeting rooms, offices, clinics and bathrooms.

The UV TOWER reduces the bioburden by inactivating bacteria and virus. They cannot reproduce themselves of infect humans thus the decrease in bioload.


Disinfectant designer furniture

UV BENCH was developed with the idea of a trifunctional design furniture. Use it to sit or to decorate a room. Store things when not in use for disinfection. Clean items for virus and bacteria in seconds, a time of 10 seconds in the chamber will inactivate 99% of the virus on the surfaces.

A unique combination of reflective materials, elevated bottom and correctly placed UV sources enables fast and 360 degrees curing on items like laptops, toys, balls, sport equipment etc.


Design-line air purifier for a cleaner working environment

The UV AIR COMFORT provides efficient air disinfection in this simple and nicely designed piece of equipment. It is ideal for any indoor settings, where clean air is a priority. The product effectively reduces the risk of airborne diseases by inactivating any virus or bacteria.

Due to its very quiet fan (35dB), this product is particularly useful in working environments such as meeting rooms, open plan offices, waiting areas at the doctor’s office, and more.

UV-AIR in meeting room

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